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SchoolDancing EventStudent NamePartner
Pleasant GroveInternational Waltz (Level 2)Kysen WeakleyMolly Larsen
Pleasant GroveInternational Waltz (Level 2)Kysen WeakleyMolly Larsen
American HeritageSamba (Level 1)Eden WaiteDerek Rowen
American HeritageSamba (Level 1)Derek RowenEden Waite
American HeritageSamba (Level 1)Emma Kimberlyl GibbsTanner Young
American HeritageSamba (Level 1)Tanner YoungEmma Gibbs
American HeritageSamba (Level 1)Kate ZolmanAiden Winn
American HeritagePaso Doble (Level 2)Aiden WinnKate Zolman
American HeritagePaso Doble (Level 2)Tasia CarrEvan Rutherford
American HeritagePaso Doble (Level 2)Evan RutherfordTasia Carr
American HeritagePaso Doble (Level 2)Julianne SessionsHunter Christiansen
American HeritagePaso Doble (Level 2)Hunter ChrisitansenJulianne Sessions
American HeritagePaso Doble (Level 2)Emma JensenBronson Woolston
American HeritagePaso Doble (Level 2)Bronson WoolstonEmma Jensen
American HeritageInternational Waltz (Level 2)Max MillarBelle
Pleasant GroveSamba (Level 1)Aldrin FisherLea Boyer
Pleasant GrovePaso Doble (Level 2)Miranda JudsonAldrin Fisher
Pleasant GroveInternational Waltz (Level 2)Miranda JudsonAldrin Fisher
Pleasant GroveQuickstep (Level 1)Miranda JudsonAldrin Fisher
Pleasant GroveInternational Waltz (Level 2)Josh BrewerAlyxandria Phippen
Pleasant GroveInternational Waltz (Level 2)Alyxandria PhippenJosh Brewer
Pleasant GroveInternational Waltz (Level 2)Molly LarsenKysen Weakley
Pleasant GroveSamba (Level 1)Lea BoyerAldrin Fisher
Cedar ValleyInternational Waltz (Level 2)Izabel HeatonRyan Pickett
Cedar ValleyInternational Waltz (Level 2)Ryan PickettIzabel Heaton
SchoolDancing EventStudent NamePartner