PG Invitational
2020 Safety Protocols

At the Pleasant Grove Invitational, our goal is to have ballroom dancers come together for friendly competition in the safest way possible.  Personal safety and responsibility is paramount!  We have implemented the following safety protocols for this unique year to minimize exposure and increase likelihood of future events being held for our ballroom students.  Please make yourself familiar with the following requirements to participate!  We look forward to your participation, whether by spectator, competitor, coach or supportive parent.  Welcome!

  1. We will hold the PG Invitational in our large, new gym “Valhalla” over two days, October 23 and 24th. Team events will be held virtually on Friday afternoon, October 23rd. Please see attached Team Rules for more detailed information.
  2. Sessions will be smaller and approximately 300 total people will be in Valhalla at any given time. This includes all judges, competition volunteers, administration, competitors and spectators.
  3. Each session will be ticketed separately. Event registration will be pre-paid online and a code will be given once the schedule is announced to purchase your tickets for each session(s) you are competing in.
  4. Seating for all spectators and competitors is limited. All competitors under age 14 must be accompanied by a responsible person 18 or older.
  5. Dressing rooms will be provided, however, following school protocol, you will be allowed to enter the dressing room for dressing only. Hair and makeup, including tanning, needs to be completed before you arrive.  Competitors are to enter to dress and must take all of their belongings with them when they leave the dressing room.  Nothing is to be stored between round or events in the locker/dressing room area.
  6. Everyone must exit Valhalla between each session for cleaning of the arena. Surfaces will be wiped down between rounds and the floor will be swept and treated.
  7. There is no re-entry into any session. If for any reason you must exit a session early, re-entry will happen at your next ticketed event/session.
  8. Everyone must wear a mask in the competition area. Competitors will be called to the floor for their event round.  Competitors may remove their mask as they enter the competition floor for their event.  Once their round has finished, they must reapply their mask.  Any person who chooses not to wear a mask properly also chooses not to participate in the event.  Physical distancing of 6 feet between groups is also required.  Groups must be six or less.
  9. When you purchase your session ticket, you will choose a section to sit in. Please coordinate with your partner so that you can enter the floor from the same or a neighboring section.  You must sit in the section you select on your ticket.
  10. All admission is pre-paid. There will be no ticket sales at the door.
  11. In the case that a competitor or spectator cannot participate for any reason, we will have a wait list for those who would like to participate if the need arises. If you are experiencing or have experienced Covid-19 symptoms within the week before the competition, DO NOT COME!
  12. Registration is on a first come, first serve basis. We will be limiting the number to 32 couples per event.  There will be three to four events per session, depending on the number of participants.  A couple is registered when all information is filled out and registration is paid in full.  There are no exceptions to this rule.  Once you receive a confirmation email, you will know that your registration has been received and that you will be sent an email to purchase your ticket into your session(s) when the schedule is set.  Due to the unique circumstances, competitors may only compete in one age category this year.  For example, a Junior aged competitor can register for Junior events only.  This will help ensure the most competitors who wish to compete have the opportunity to do so.
  13. Certain information is needed for possible Contact Tracing. This information will not be shared publicly for any reason.  If we need to contact people because of possible exposure, we will do so on a one-on-one basis.
  14. There will be no line up area. All competitors will come and sit in their assigned section and be called to the floor “Blackpool” style from the podium.    Once the round is over, they will return to their seats and wait for their next round to be called.  All callbacks will be this way.  At the end of the session, we will hand out awards and all spectators and competitors will exit the building from the ground floor and re-enter for the next session on the main floor.
  15. We see a need to offer an online viewing option. We are working on this.  Stay tuned!  We may offer a registration code so others can watch on a YouTube channel or the like to cheer on the dancers in real time.
  16. We appreciate your patience and understanding for this unique event! We know with a positive attitude and your cooperation, we can have a successful event together!



Team Event Rules and Protocols

We will have team registrations opening shortly.  Please let us know if you plan on participating so we can set the schedule sooner rather than later!

Teams will compete show dance events from their own school.  This will allow each team to use their own facilities as dressing areas and eliminate the need to transport everyone on a bus, along with multiple costuming items and accessories.   We will hire judges who will watch the “live” performances via Zoom or another online format determined prior to our event.  Registration will be first come, first serve.

Teams will pay for registration online. Teams are limited to the first 6 for each category for time constraints.  Each team may compete in two different categories/styles.   Teams will be assigned a performance time and given a zoom meeting code at the beginning of each session.  Judges will be set to watch your team perform “live” on their projector in the judges’ room from your respective school.  Awards will be announced and we will get your awards to your team/coach at the end of the team events.  These can be picked up from PGHS any time after the team events conclude and individual events begin.  Individual events will start around 6:00 pm Friday evening.  We would like to start the team events as quickly as we can after school is out (hopefully by 1:30-2:00 pm) so that all students with individual events have time to compete with their team and then travel to PGHS for their next event(s).

Rules for Formation Team Events are the same as in the past:

  1. Routines must be 3 minutes or less.
  2. Show dances will be divided into the following categories/genres for competition: Smooth/Ballroom, Latin/Rhythm, Swing, Large Group
  3. All routines must be ONE style or song only. This can consist of one song that has multiple style characteristics in it (maximum 3 dances) OR it can be a mix of songs in the same style.  For example, a song that is mostly Foxtrot but has a section of the same song that could be Swing.  Or 2 songs mixed together that are both Cha Cha.  There is no medley competition at this event.
  4. Show Dances can have up to 3-8 couples. More than 8 couples should register in the large group category. A couple is one boy and one girl.  Girls may NOT dress up as boys or vice versa.
  5. Costumes must follow the guidelines the UBEA has set forth.
  6. Routines may only have 3 lifts of any kind. Tricks, drops and stunts that are within 2 beats of music are NOT considered lifts.  A lift is any movement when a dancer assists another and both feet leave the floor for more than 2 beats.
  7. Props that do not require additional set up time are allowed.
  8. A team may only compete once in each category. Team/team members cannot compete against themselves.


Please reach out to Tiffanie Harding at with any questions you may have.  We are excited to offer this chance to come together to celebrate dance!